What Armor Increases Magic Damage in Elden Ring?

What Armor Increases Magic Damage in Elden Ring?

Magic damage is a crucial aspect of combat in Elden Ring, and players are constantly seeking ways to increase their magical prowess. One way to enhance magic damage is by equipping the right armor. In this article, we will explore the various armors in Elden Ring that can boost magic damage.

Crystal Mage Set

The Crystal Mage Set is a highly sought-after armor set known for its exceptional magic damage augmentation. Each piece of this set provides a significant boost to magic damage, making it a popular choice among spellcasting characters. Additionally, the Crystal Mage Set enhances spellcasting speed, allowing for faster and more efficient magic attacks.

Moonlight Set

The Moonlight Set is revered for its ability to amplify magic damage. This set is often favored by sorcerers and spellcasters who rely heavily on offensive magic spells. Wearing the Moonlight Set grants an increased magic damage bonus, while also offering moderate defense against physical attacks.

Enchanter Set

The Enchanter Set is known for its remarkable enchantment properties. This armor set not only heightens magic damage but also enhances the effectiveness of enchantments and buffs. The Enchanter Set is a versatile option for players who prefer a balanced approach, as it provides moderate magic damage increase and decent defensive capabilities.

What Armor Increases Magic Damage in Elden Ring?

Abyssal Raiment

The Abyssal Raiment is a unique armor set that focuses on dark magic. It excels in increasing dark magic damage output, making it an excellent choice for players who specialize in dark spells. The Abyssal Raiment also offers moderate resistance against dark-based attacks.

Additional Tips to Increase Magic Damage:

  • Ring of Arcane Power: Equipping the Ring of Arcane Power provides a substantial boost to magic damage.
  • Magic-Enhancing Consumables: Utilize consumables such as magic-boosting potions or enchanted items to temporarily increase your magic damage.
  • Upgrade Your Staff/Catalyst: Regularly upgrade your staff or catalyst to enhance your magic damage output.
  • Allocate Stats to Intelligence: Investing in Intelligence will significantly increase your magic damage potential.

Remember, finding the perfect armor set and implementing other strategies to increase magic damage requires experimentation and adaptation. Choose the armor that complements your playstyle and experiment with different combinations to maximize your magical abilities in Elden Ring.